18:26 30.01.2019

Shuttered at home, cement plants bloom along China's new Silk Road

Cement plants have been shut down in China to adhere to its pollution regulations. The Chinese government is now backing cement plants in other countries including in Kazakhstan to make up for the lost capacity. This is a regional foot print that China did not have a decade ago.
Source: Reuters
17:33 30.01.2019

Bangkok Is Choking on Air Pollution. The Response? Water Cannons.

Water cannons are being used to alleviate smog in the most polluted areas including Bangkok. The World Health Organization says outdoor air pollution caused 4.2 million premature deaths in 2016, claiming far more lives annually than AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined. Bangkok are finally going through what China did, realising that it is not fog, it is smog.
Source: New York Times
15:05 30.01.2019

Hundreds of schools to shut as toxic smog cloaks Bangkok

450 schools were forced to close on Wednesday as Bangkok authorities issued an unprecedented order to manage a pollution crisis that has had an impact worldwide. Things have even got as bad that the authorities have asked people not to burn incense sticks and paper during the Chinese New Year celebrations.
Source: Daily Mail
17:37 29.01.2019

China’s Coal Plants Haven’t Cut Methane Emissions as Required, Study Finds

China has continued to produce more methane emissions from its coal mines despite its pledge to curb the planet-warming pollutant, according to new research. I n a paper published Tuesday in Nature Communications, researchers concluded that China had failed to meet its own government regulations requiring coal mines to rapidly reduce methane emissions, at least in the five years after 2010, when the regulations were passed.
Source: New York Times
17:21 29.01.2019

Hong Kong tumbles down liveability rankings as pollution, typhoons, flu, and political tensions give expats cause for concern

After a survey by ECA International, Hong Kong is at its lowest position for 10 years, 40 places below Singapore which is at the top of the list. The drop is mainly attributable to the city’s high level of pollution and the factors taken into consideration also include socio-political tensions, culture and health issues.
Source: South China Morning Post
China failing to curb methane emissions, study finds
15:48 29.01.2019

China failing to curb methane emissions, study finds

Methane emissions from coal mining in China has risen despite tough legislation and ambitious government targets a new study has revealed. The study is based on satellite data and is further proof to fuel concerns that major emitters such as China are fundamentally not meeting the climate change targets.
Source: Daily Mail
18:35 28.01.2019

China regions losing 'momentum' in pollution fight: minister

China is losing enthusiasm for its pollution policy agenda as the economic slow down is blamed on the excessively restrictive smog policy. Traditional industrial and impoverished regions are struggling to grow under the restrictions of the state enforced “war on pollution”.
Source: Reuters
18:32 28.01.2019

China's 2018 renewable power capacity up 12 percent on year

As part of China’s war on pollution they are increasingly investing in renewable energy to reduce their reliance on coal. In 2018 China’s renewable power production capacity increase by 12%. The type of renewables that increased were hydro and biomass as well as solar and wind. China has been criticised for backing coal powered projects aboard that are no longer supported domestically.
Source: Reuters