16:00 25.04.2019

Belt and Road summit puts spotlight on Chinese coal funding

China hosted a trillion-dollar investment summit called the Belt and Road forum which was deemed a “pivotal moment” by climate campaigners who said it would determine whether China will use its economic power to push the world towards greener energy or continue to aggressively support fossil fuel companies.
Source: The Guardian
00:42 25.04.2019

Industrial output and investment-led growth buoy Chinese economy

China has had a strong first quarter, seen in its surge in industrial output and uptick in pollution levels especially in Northern China. However, this growth is stalling so China’s reliance on polluting industries for stimulus may be waning due to focus in other less polluting industries.
Source: Financial Times
15:58 23.04.2019

China slams province for failing to curb polluting industries

Shandong, China’s largest aluminium producing province has been reprimanded for failing to comply with policies to cut coal consumption. Not only did they fail to meet guidelines on industrial overcapacity, but also deceived central government inspectors and tried to cover up illegal behaviours. Aluminium smelting requires large amounts of electricity that plants tend to produce from coal-fired power plants on site that add to air pollution.
Source: Reuters
14:48 23.04.2019

How China’s ban on plastic waste imports became an ‘earthquake’ that threw recycling efforts into turmoil

Another difficulty has come to the fore as China has banned accepting the world’s used plastic. In prior years, China took the bulk of scrap plastic from around the world turning it into a higher quality material that could be used by manufacturers. However, at the start of 2018, the country is no longer accepting foreign plastic waste alongside other recyclables to protect its environment and air quality.
Source: South China Morning Post
13:30 23.04.2019

China plastic waste ban throws global recycling into chaos

China’s ban on accepting the world’s used plastic has plunged global recycling into turmoil. As the country has formerly received the bulk of scrap plastic from around the world and processing it into a higher quality material for manufactures, now it has closed its doors to almost all foreign plastic waste.
Source: Daily Mail
15:37 22.04.2019

Boris Johnson suggests his climate change opinions are as important as young people’s because ‘I intend to be alive for a very long time’

MP Boris Johnson referenced the extinction Rebellion activists as ‘irritating and disruptive’, as parts of Central London were brought to a standstill during the protests. He suggested the protest should be taking place in China as opposed to the UK. The MP said protesters were right to draw attention to the man-made pollution level, but he emphasised that they should be focusing their efforts on China, where carbon emissions have been vertiginously rising. China now produced more CO2 than the EU and US combined.
Source: The Independent