09:41 18.03.2020

Nigel Farage: The Virus is Yet Another Reason to Rethink the West's Relationship With China | Opinion

This opinion piece highlights how global leaders have never “dared to say a word” against the “Beijing regime”, yet it is perhaps time to do so. The article describes how groups including Extinction Rebellion are often vocal about how the United Kingdom is damaging the environment by recently bringing cities to a standstill, but very rarely criticise China who is responsible for most of the world’s pollution.
Source: Newsweek
09:36 17.03.2020

Air pollution likely to increase coronavirus death rate, warn experts

The article highlights how, despite the strict confinement measures in China helping to reduce the country’s air pollution levels, experts state that the health damage already imposed on citizens by the long-standing air pollution is likely to increase the death rate from coronavirus infections.
Source: The Guardian
08:26 16.03.2020

How to spend $900 billion in China

According to a report published by Greenpeace, air pollution caused by burning fossil fuels not only causes millions of deaths each year, but it also generates huge financial losses for the country involved.
Source: Iron Panda
09:32 15.03.2020

The coronavirus is dangerous. But some experts wonder if bad air makes it worse.

Medical experts have said that damage to the lungs from pollutants, or living in regions with poor air quality, may increase the risk of respiratory tract infections from viruses such as COVID-19. High levels of air pollution can cause lung inflammation which could worsen the effects of the novel coronavirus. Scientists from the University of California and also from Chinese institutions have found that cases of these illnesses tend to be “more deadly in regions of China with poor air quality”
Source: The Washington Post
09:37 13.03.2020

Global coronoavirus response sheds harsh spotlight on longstanding crises

In the midst of COVID-19, there has been a “precipitous drop” in air pollution levels across major Chinese cities however this article writes how China’s air pollution levels will almost certainly go back to their typical, harmful levels once the pandemic has been tamed. A similar situation happened after the Beijing Olympics in 2008.
Source: Devdiscourse
09:43 10.03.2020

Air pollution: An underestimated killer

According to scientist, a “pandemic” of air pollution shortens lives globally by approximately three years on average, and causes 8.8 million premature deaths per year. The worst-hit region is Asia, where average lifespan to cut short by 4.1 year, and China 3.9 years. Air pollution causes damage to the blood vessels through greater oxidative stress, leading to increases in blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, heart attacks and heart failure. The revised number for China is 2.8 million premature deaths each year.
Source: The Star
09:40 10.03.2020

Every Day 10,000 People Die Due To Air Pollution From Fossil Fuels

A study published last week in the journal cardiovascular Research estimated that climate change is not the only consequence of burning fossil fuels. The study finds that “the mortality from air pollution is dominated by East Asia (35%) and South Asia (32%), followed by Africa (11%) and Europe (9%).” China and India lead the way with an estimated 1.6 million and 700,000 deaths, respectively, in 2015.
Source: Forbes