20:28 28.12.2018

Chinese city residents protest over plans for nuclear research

Such a protest is testament to the continued increase in environmental concerns across the country as public awareness rises of the possible health risks. The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences reported that half of the protests with more than 10,000 people between 2001 – 2013 were sparked by concerns around pollution issues.
Source: South China Morning Post
20:17 28.12.2018

New highway offers chance to improve our city

The controversial Central-Wan Chai Bypass is soon to open yet this is not just a question around congestion charging. Discussions also remain around how to use limited road infrastructure efficiently whilst reducing other costs such as time in congestion and the costs of air pollution.
Source: South China Morning Post
20:05 26.12.2018

2018: Is China returning to old, polluting habits?

Beijing’s PM2.5 level was 35% lower than five years ago which is positive. This was deemed impossible by observers and could be seen as a large step towards China winnings its war on pollution. China’s environmental reforms in recent years has been based on a continued focus on a more sustainable economic model.
Source: China Dialogue
21:37 24.12.2018

China plans more nuanced anti-pollution measures in 2019 – ministry

The Chinese authority the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE), has committed to continue its crack down on pollution in 2019 but will follow a more targeted policy strategy. Beijing moving away from country wide policy and instead is allowing local authorities to set regional measures.
Source: Reuters
20:32 24.12.2018

All I want for Christmas…is an end to the global plastic calamity

It is shocking that there is more microplastic in the ocean than there are stars in the Milky Way. A group of 11 mothers are taking the lead to fight and protect the environment from plastic pollution caused by thoughtless consumption of single-use plastic. Such women are launching this to make the city more liveable for their children and future generation with the ultimate aim of restricting further uncontrollable plastic pollution.
Source: South China Morning Post
20:56 20.12.2018

Weaning China off coal

Beijing is seeking to replace coal plants with cleaner-burning natural gas, especially for the use of heating during the winter. As such, China has increased its relations with Russia (one of the world’s leading gas exporters) to expand energy ties. China is the main driver of global energy demand whilst also making attempts to implement better energy-efficient policies.
Source: South China Morning Post
20:04 18.12.2018

Xi Jinping says China 'will not seek to dominate'

In a speech that celebrated a 40-year milestone since the introduction of China’s economic reforms, Chinese President Xi Jinping addressed the country with the message that China does not seek to dominate the international system, but nor will it allow other nations to tell it what to do. Speaking about climate change, he claimed that China was playing a leading role in tackling this issue.
Source: BBC
19:47 14.12.2018

Could Norwegian fjords and waterfalls stop bitcoin from destroying the planet?

The article focuses how bitcoin mining consumes a lot of electricity that is damaging the planet, and that due to the low cost of electricity in China, there is pressure for covert mining operations to take place there, despite the fact that cheaper energy is not necessarily clean energy. The article notes that this is an obstacle at a time when China is trying to reduce its pollution levels produced by coal plants, and offers the hydroelectric power of Norway’s Fjords as a solution.
Source: The Independent