15:01 21.04.2019

Dear Extinction Rebellion: your aims are worthy, but take your pink boat to China instead

This article written by MP Boris Johnson, references China as a country where CO2 output has not been falling but rising vertiginously. He mentions that the Chinse population now produce more CO2 that EU and US combined and more than 60% of their power supply comes from coal. From this statistic, there is a comparison to the UK because in 1990, 70% of the UK was reliant on coast, however this was very quickly changed. If the UK dramatically reduced its dependence on coal, then why can’t China do the same?
Source: The Daily Telegraph
15:06 19.04.2019

The climate protesters seeking a return to a pre-industrial age would doom us to lives of misery

One of Britain’s leading business and economics commentators Jeremey Warner has written an article following the extinction rebellion protest, criticising the location of the protest saying that for anything Britain does is little more than spitting against the wind in light of what’s going on in China. He states that China now emits more pollutants in a single year than the UK has in the whole of the last hundred. China will be responsible for more accumulated atmospheric carbon dioxide within twenty years than the US and Europe combined.
Source: The Daily Telegraph
14:07 19.04.2019

Urgent action must be taken on plastic

Western investors from institutions who have joined the coal divestment movement are finding it hard to pressure Chinese companies to reduce their carbon footprint. This lies contrary to Beijing’s commitment to the Paris Agreement. Analysts say there are two reasons for this: either than China is yet to implement plans to cap carbon emissions yet more importantly, that Chinese miners and power producers do not rely on foreign funding.
Source: South China Morning Post
16:42 15.04.2019

Alarm as study shows how microplastics are blown across the world

Recent studies have found microplastics in farmland soils near Shanghai, China, in the Galápagos Islands, a Unesco world heritage site, and in rivers in the Czech Republic. Humans and other animals are known to consume the tiny plastic particles via food and water, but the potential health effects on people and ecosystems are as yet unknown.
Source: The Guardian
00:35 12.04.2019

FT Health: The struggle for women’s rights

More than one in ten cases of childhood asthma can be linked to traffic-related air pollution. South Korea (31 per cent) is the worst affected and of the ten cities with the highest proportion of cases, eight were in China.
Source: Financial Times
16:04 10.04.2019

Vehicle pollution 'results in 4m child asthma cases a year'

Due to their high populations and pollution levels, the top three countries for the total number of new children getting asthma each year are China (760,000), India (350,000) and the US (240,000). The scientists said their research may underestimate the true levels in many poorer nations where asthma often goes undiagnosed.
Source: The Guardian
12:17 09.04.2019

China’s Banks Are Choking on Coal Dust

What is the future of Chinese coal consumption? It seems that the fortunes of the global coal mining industry and attempts to limit global carbon emissions could depend on the answer. It is both climate change activists and miners who have reasons for hope.
Source: The Wall Street Journal
21:27 03.04.2019

Choked by Beth Gardiner review – the toxic truth about the air we breathe

A global survey of air pollution has found that China’s economic miracle has come at a price of an “airpocalypse”, with many cities shrouded in poisonous smog for much of the year. Air pollution is less severe in parts of China than it was a few years ago, but current global trends suggest a grim future, and climate change is set to have a big impact this century. It has been said that climate change could increase the number of premature deaths from air pollution by more than 15 times.
Source: Guardian