17:05 11.10.2019

Why middle-aged men hate Greta Thunberg

One of the things that has bothered me for a while is why so many middle-aged men seem to hate Greta Thunberg. Suddenly, thanks to her speech to the United Nations, I know. They are already rowing with their teenage kids and don’t need another one on their case.
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17:02 11.10.2019

Our water world planet — two sweeping histories

The latest estimates suggest that by the end of the 21st century, a 3-5C increase in temperatures will cause the world’s waters rise by nearly a metre. As politicians and scientists debate the causes and devastating effects of climate change, historians are beginning to catch up by returning to the longue durée — or what is more fashionably called “big history” — to understand how the oceans’ climate and environment came to define our world
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15:20 11.10.2019

Denouncing climate activists will not save the planet

Will a few Happy Meals break the planet? As Extinction Rebellion continued its genteel, witty, highly effective climate change protests this week, one commentator tried to shame some activists queueing at a London branch of McDonald’s. History does not relate whether Big Macs were ordered (more likely the spicy veggie wraps), but that did not dampen the indignation.
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15:17 11.10.2019

Donations pour in as Extinction Rebellion goes global

Extinction Rebellion has seen a surge in donations, with growing support from celebrities and financiers for the UK-based climate change activist group that staged protests in dozens of cities in Europe and the US this week.
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17:19 10.10.2019

A greener steel industry still looks a long way off

Ataer Holding, an arm of Turkey’s military pension fund, which is in exclusive talks to buy the British Steel out of liquidation, wants to convert the steelworks eventually to run on hydrogen instead of coal. Replacing coke with hydrogen would remove CO2 emissions — but process remains in infancy.
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17:17 10.10.2019

FTSE Russell must learn that language matters on sustainability

FTSE will classify fossil fuel companies simply as “oil, gas and coal”, while renewable energy corporations will receive the diminished label of “alternative energy”. It is a regressive move, making it harder for savers to establish the sustainability credentials of their investments at a time when people increasingly want to know what their money is doing.
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06:51 09.10.2019

The coming alliance of populists and greens

Populists and environmentalists are the two least reconcilable movements in world politics. One defines itself against transnational governance and the other counts on it to abate climate change. One electrifies the middle-aged and older while the other mobilises the young. The crossfire between US President Donald Trump and Greta Thunberg on Twitter last month captured the acrimony in miniature.
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06:49 09.10.2019

Big Oil should rebel against its customers

As Extinction Rebellion activists mounted protests against climate change this week, oil companies are as reviled as banks and tobacco companies. “Your dirty oil will kill us all,” an actress read during its event against oil majors including BP and Eni in July. Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old environmental activist, is tipped to win the Nobel Peace Prize this week.
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