11:30 11.03.2019

China says air pollution dropped in 2018

The air quality improved substantially last year, according to the environment ministry following the Government’s crackdown on pollution and a weakening economy. China has been drenched in thick smog clouds for years however last year, the average level of microscopic airborne PM2.5 particles in 338 cities witnessed a 9.3% fall YOY.
Source: Daily Mail
12:05 07.03.2019

‘Don’t go for growth by ruining environment’, Xi warns

President Xi Jinping sensibly announced that boosting the economy must not come at the price of a downgraded environment. He stated, ‘Do note ever think about launching environmentally damaging projects for growth, or any attempt to breach the red line of ecological protection, even when we meet some difficulties in economic development.’
Source: South China Morning Post
13:03 06.03.2019

South Korea proposes artificial rain project to combat Seoul air pollution

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has asked China to take part in a climate change project. They plan to use artificial rain to clean the air in his South Korea. The rise in pollution in the region has been linked to the rise in Chinese industrial activity and South Korean car emissions. China have agreed but downplayed their role in causing South Korean pollution
Source: Telegraph
13:01 06.03.2019

Smog-Choked South Korea Eyes Artificial Rain Project With China

South Korea have proposed a project with China that will use artificial rain to clean the air. South Korean President Moon is calling for the acceleration of the de-commissioning of old coal burning power plants. China has agreed to participate but downplayed China’s role in creating Seoul’s pollution problem.
Source: Bloomberg
12:58 06.03.2019

Next China: Smog Is One More Sign of China’s Economic Rebound

Pollution in Beijing increased in February 2019 and Bloomberg sees this as a sign that the Chinese economy is recovering. Manufacturing activity is due to increase which will cause pollution to rise, but this may only be short term as the economy moves away from heavy industries. Balancing controlling pollution and growing the economy is a challenge for the Chinese government.
Source: Bloomberg
12:54 06.03.2019

China to extend winter anti-smog measures for another year

China is extending its winter anti-smog policies for a third consecutive year. The announcement was part of the environment ministry’s pollution plan for 2019, this marks the sixth year of the ‘war on pollution’. Reuters found that most regions saw a rise in smog concentration during the last winter campaign.
Source: Reuters
12:02 06.03.2019

China’s war on smog targets coal-fired power and diesel trucks – and will punish failing cities

China will extend its winter anti-smog measures (such as production cuts and traffic restrictions) for a third winter in a row, announced the Environment Ministry on Wednesday to battle against pollution. The Ministry also swore to increase the speed in which the elimination of small coal-fired heating boilers in major regions. The country is now in its sixth year of a ‘war on pollution.’
Source: South China Morning Post
11:32 06.03.2019

Why the world’s recycling system has broken down

China’s decision to ban imports of recycled material from other countries has brought the American recycling industry to the point of an ‘existential crisis’. When China announced last year that it would stop taking in American recycled materials to combat pollution, this resulted in the recycling industry unable to find a new buyer.
Source: Daily Mail
13:10 05.03.2019

Pollution soars in Northern China in February: official data

Air pollution in the 39 smog-prone northern Chinese cities increased in February. The concentrations of airborne PM2.5 increased by 40 percent in February 2019. Henan province was the most polluted province with concentrations up 60 percent from 2018.
Source: Reuters