23:10 04.02.2020

S. Korea unveils 5-year plan to take big bite out of PM2.5 smog

South Korea is launching a major strategy to combat air pollution and the high level of smog in the country, which they believe 30% comes from China. As such, they are asking for their neighbour’s cooperation on implementing measures to fight against this. Indeed, the level of air pollution in South Korea worsens between winter and spring when it is blown in from China.
Source: The Asahi Shimbun
23:13 03.02.2020

China’s environmental malpractice hurts all

The article explains how our planet’s biggest threat is global warming, and that China has been damaging any international efforts to stop the use of coal. Indeed, the journalist states that China uses almost the same amount of coal as the rest of the world put together. This disastrous air pollution if the cause of almost 1.6 million premature deaths each year in China.
Source: The Day
23:11 03.02.2020

RPT-China virus may cause delays of anti-pollution equipment retrofits on ships

The virus outbreak in China could cause severe delivery delays for shipping companies expecting new vessels fitted with exhaust gas filtering equipment, installed in Chinese docks over Lunar New Year. Workers are currently unable to complete work and ensure that ships are fitted with the appropriate ‘scrubbers’ needed to meet the new emissions guidelines.
Source: Reuters
23:16 31.01.2020

Heavy air pollution in North China from fireworks to last till Friday

Chai Fahe, deputy director of the National Joint Research Centre of Air Pollution Causes and Control has stated that lighting fireworks and firecrackers had increased airborne pollutants in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and its surrounding areas. The analysis showed that rural areas had more pollution generated by fireworks than urban areas.
Source: Asia One
23:34 29.01.2020

Chinese ship fined for marine pollution in Tahiti

French Polynesia's criminal court has fined a Chinese fishing company $US360,000 for marine pollution after Xin Shi Ji 203 discharged hundreds of litres of liquids, including fuel, just off Tahiti.
Source: RNZ
23:32 29.01.2020

China’s environmental malpractice hurts everyone

While most of the Western world is rapidly closing down coal plants, China is building more coal-burning capacity than the rest of the world combined. As China’s economy slows down, it is reopening some coal mines. Premier Li Keqiang is now actually pushing for more coal-fired power.
Source: Boston Herald
23:39 27.01.2020

China, not America, will decide the fate of the planet

This opinion piece states how China is in control of the climate battle and the direction in which it will go. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, the country now accounts for 29% of global carbon dioxide emissions, and since 2014 on a per-capita scale, the Chinese emit more greenhouse gases than the European.
Source: FT