20:01 31.03.2019

Asia’s smog exodus: companies forced to offer ‘pollution premiums’ to recruit top talent

Asia’s businesses are promising inventive perks to lure executives to areas where toxic air engulfs major cities for the majority of the year. As health concerns are putting off those initially attracted by Asia’s economic opportunities, firms are struggling to recruit and gain the expertise they need. The United Nations Environment Programme have reported that 92% of people in the Asia-Pacific region are exposed to levels of air pollution that are of a significant risk to health.
Source: South China Morning Post
19:23 29.03.2019

Worsening air pollution reducing lifespans in Indonesia

Indonesia’s air quality has deteriorated from once being the cleanest in the world to one of the most polluted in the past 20 years, and this is taking five years from life expectancy in some regions. A burden on public health has become one of the highest in the world, yet India, China, Bangladesh and Pakistan lead the charge.
Source: Daily Mail
21:00 28.03.2019

China bucking global shift from coal-fired power: environmental study

China has repeatedly pledged to reduce its reliance on coal, a major source of smog and climate-warming greenhouse gases, but satellite images show China "quietly resumed" construction in 2018 on dozens of previously shelved plants. A joint report by environmental groups Global Energy Monitor, Greenpeace and the Sierra Club, warned that China could build an additional 290 GW of capacity. This is more than the whole of the United States' coal capacity, meaning that China's relationship with the dirtiest of fossil fuels remains strong. While China has vowed to cap consumption nationally, overall coal-fired generation has increased, particularly from new "coal bases" in the nation's northwest.
Source: Reuters
19:28 28.03.2019

Push for more coal power in China imperials climate

Even as the number of coal fired power plants decline worldwide, the increased coal use in China and a proposal to boost capacity could counter global climate change goals, according to recent research. With nearly 1,000 GW in operation, China accounts for half the world’s coal-fired power with the United States and India in second and third place.
Source: Daily Mail
19:40 27.03.2019

Can China keep its climate promises?

China is on track to meet the climate pledge in Pairs to peak its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, but sourcing 20% of its energy needs from renewables and nuclear power by the same date may considerably more difficult. Tripling the non-fossil fuel share will require a major overhaul of China’s power sector and there is a lot at stake.
Source: Daily Mail
19:47 26.03.2019

2018 spike in energy demand spells climate trouble

A 2.3% rise in global energy demand last year outstripped the growth in renewables and helped drive greenhouse gas emissions, according to the International Energy Agency. The double digit growth in solar and wind power generation was just not enough to meet soaring electricity demands that also pushed up the use of coal, the most carbon-intensive of fuels.
Source: Daily Mail
20:05 25.03.2019

Death toll from China chemical plant blast rises to 78

The death toll continues to rise, now at 78 people, of which 56 have been identified and this makes the incident the deadliest industrial accident in the country since 2015’s explosions in Tianjin, taking 173 lives. Search and rescue efforts were continuing and emergency workers were expanding efforts to contain pollution from the explosions.
Source: South China Morning Post
21:36 22.03.2019

Nearly 50 dead after explosion at China chemical plant

A factory has exploded in China, leaving 47 people dead. The Company who runs the factory has a terrible safety record, including mishandling of tanks of toxic benzene which was the source of the explosion and evading air pollution supervision.
Source: SkyNews
18:34 22.03.2019

Death toll in China chemical plant explosion increases

The death toll at a chemical plant in Eastern China is continuing to rise to 47, with hundreds injured. The blast at the Tianjiayi chemical plant is one of the worst industrial accidents in years. Chinese president Xi Jinping said: “Relief work must be well done to maintain social stability. Meanwhile, environmental monitoring and early warning should be strengthened to prevent environmental pollution as well as secondary disasters.”
Source: Daily Mail
20:19 21.03.2019

As China’s economic growth engine slows, is its war on pollution losing steam?

China is facing pressures across the board; the trade war, a global economic slowdown and a decline in domestic consumption and coupled with this, are looking to boost the economy. Balancing both these key priorities will be difficult for the country. 39 cities across Northern China experienced alarming surges in air pollution and the recent uptick in smog means these heavily polluted areas are now unlikely to meet their annual air quality targets.
Source: South China Morning Post