19:56 21.03.2019

Canned air, water-spraying drones and ‘anti-smog tea’

The authorities have turned to water-dispersing drones and outdoor air purifiers to improve air quality as companies have tried to cash in by selling everything from canned air to lung-purifying teas. According to the WHO, 92% of the population in the Asia Pacific region are exposed to air pollution levels which are at health damaging levels.
Source: Daily Mail
21:04 20.03.2019

Asia's coal addiction puts chokehold on its air-polluted cities

Admissions to the cardiac unit at hospitals in Indonesia’s capital are on the rise over the past year, and the worsening pollution in the city is seen as a major reason. Sapardan, a cardiologist at the hospital, claims that everybody is breathing unsafe air, and that half of her patients are suffering symptoms linked to air pollution. Nine out of 10 people breathe polluted air, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), a problem that impacts more cities in Asia than anywhere else in the world. Burning fossil fuels is a large contributor to air pollution, which kills about 7 million people prematurely each year.
Source: Reuters
19:43 20.03.2019

Man plans to sell ‘outback air’ to China after ploughing hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money into fledgling business

An Australian entrepreneur is planning to sell ‘outback air’ to customers in different parts of Asia; the man has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into the business and is ‘days away’ from releasing Ozi Air in China. The unique product is allegedly ‘completely Australian-owned and made’ which uses specialised machinery to test the purity of the air, ahead of it being compressed into a can, ready to be sold to market.
Source: Daily Mail
21:18 19.03.2019

88 Pounds of Plastic Found Inside Dead Whale in Philippines

In 2015, a study found that an estimated five million to 13 million metric tons of plastic waste pollute oceans each year. The problem is particularly severe in the Philippines, the world's third-biggest contributor of plastic to oceans behind China and Indonesia. As a result of all this plastic from the Philippines, China, and Indonesia pollution the oceans, a beached whale was found with 88 pounds of plastic trash inside its body, an unusually large amount.
Source: New York Times
20:14 17.03.2019

As China chases economic growth, pollution and poverty will take a back seat

Is the outlook for economic growth in the country more gloomy? The biggest uncertainty and risk for Beijing is the conflict between the US in regards to tariffs. However, in addition to this, financial risks, pollution and poverty top the government’s agenda for 2018. It is reported that chasing faster economic growth will come at the expense of efforts to decrease financial risks, protect the environment and reduce poverty.
Source: South China Morning Post
12:43 14.03.2019

China January-February steel output rises from December on strong margins

Chinese steel output increased in January and February this year, as steel mills increased production in the wake of more relaxed environmental standards and increasing margins. There was a change in winter anti-pollution restrictions as the government began to worry about slowing economic growth.
Source: Reuters
11:20 13.03.2019

Seoul passes emergency bills to fight air pollution

South Korea’s parliamentary passed emergency measures on Wednesday to tackle the ‘social disaster’ of air pollution after the country saw record levels of pollution earlier this month. The air quality for the country has become a serious political problem for Seoul whilst growing public discontent that the government is not doing enough and many civilians blaming neighbouring China for the poor air quality.
Source: Daily Mail
11:18 13.03.2019

Air pollution raises diabetes risk in China: study

A new study in China has showed that long-term exposure to harmful smog particles has increased the risk of diabetes. This can explain why there is a high link between the country’s air pollution and the disease; the country is facing the largest diabetes problem in the world with around 11% of the population suffering from the illness.
Source: Daily Mail
12:46 11.03.2019

China expands switch from polluting coal heating in 2018: environment minister

China’s environment minister stated it will be expanding its coal-to-gas and coal-to-electricity programs as it steps up its fight against pollution and smog. China’s winter heating demands have been identified as one of the major causes of pollution but programs aiming curb the pollution in 2018 ran into difficulties.
Source: Reuters
11:59 11.03.2019

China still facing an uphill struggle in fight against pollution, warns environment minister

China’s environment minister said on Monday that despite the air quality of the country has improved, the situation is still ‘grim’ and major, seismic challenges still need to be tackled. Speaking at a press conference organised by the National People’s Congress on Monday, Li Ganjie, the Minister of Ecology and Environment said the number of good weather days had risen.
Source: South China Morning Post