09:04 18.05.2020

Fears of dirty recovery as China air pollution shoots up

Analysis by the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA) has shown that pollution in China has increased significantly since lockdown measures have been eased, with spikes in pollutants including nitrogen dioxide presenting “an early indication that Beijing may opt for a “dirty” recovery from the coronavirus pandemic”.
Source: The Daily Telegraph
08:14 15.05.2020

China's ambassador to Britain DENIES Covid cover-up and insists he's fine with the WHO probing his country's labs and wet markets - but says now is not the 'appropriate' time to do so

China’s ambassador to Britain has denied the country covered up coronavirus and has welcomed the WHO to conduct a probe of its wet markets and labs to see if Covid-19 originated in Wuhan. This would be a positive step as Lui Xiaoming denied that the country had covered up the outbreak but when asked, did counter this by stating that now isn’t the right time to investigate China. If not now, when? Is this to give them more time to get their ducks in line as they hid the outbreak from the international community.
Source: Daily Mail
08:11 15.05.2020

Trump threat to cut trade ties over Covid-19 branded ‘lunacy’ by Chinese media

Yet again the tension between Donald Trump and China over the pandemic has lead to concerns that a trade deal between the nations is in danger. This is after the Chinese state media dismissed as ‘lunacy’ a suggestion by the President that he could ‘cut off relations’ with Beijing. In an interview with Fox News the President stated that he was very disappointed with China’s failure to contain Covid and such a statement adds to the escalating row between the two countries.
Source: The Guardian
08:03 14.05.2020

Coronavirus: US accuses China of hacking coronavirus research

US officials say China-linked hackers are targeting organisations researching the Covid-19 pandemic. The FBI said it had seen hacking attempts on US groups researching vaccines, treatments and testing. The FBI and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (Cisa) issued a rare joint warning on Wednesday: "healthcare, pharmaceutical and research sectors working on Covid-19 response should all be aware they are prime targets" of hackers.
Source: BBC
07:55 14.05.2020

Trump rips into China over coronavirus, 'very disappointed'

Donald Trump said he was very disappointed in China over its failure to contain the novel coronavirus, saying the worldwide pandemic cast a pall over his U.S.-China trade deal. While U.S. intelligence agencies said the virus did not appear to be manmade or genetically modified, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said early in May there is “a significant amount of evidence” the virus came from a laboratory in Wuhan.
Source: Reuters
10:35 13.05.2020

China is using the Covid crisis to bully Europe

Chinese television viewers who tuned in to watch Italian residents taking to their balconies to applaud Beijing for sending medical supplies must have been provided with degree of reassurance. At least one country in Europe is prepared to show gratitude at a time when almost the entire world is blaming Beijing for the suffering which has been caused by China’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The video clip was then posted on twitter by Zhao Lijian. It is believed that this heart warming display of affection for the Chinese people from the Italians did not actually happen. The Chinese media had tampered the footage, the Italians were simply demonstrating their thanks to Italian medical staff in March. It was one of the many ways to divert attention away from its involvement in causing the crisis.
Source: The Daily Telegraph
10:31 13.05.2020

IN CAHOOTS CIA believes China pressured WHO to delay life-saving coronavirus warnings and hoarded medical supplies, says report

The CIA believes that China threatened the World Health Organisation into delaying health warnings about Covid-19 while it hoarded medical supplies. China said they would stop working with them if they declared it a global health emergency. In January, china stockpiled crucial medical equipment. US president believes there is enough evidence China misled the rest of the world.
Source: The Sun