15:09 28.01.2019

South Korea’s first airborne fight against ‘Chinese’ pollution fails

South Korea has created fake rain to tackle air pollution as many South Koreans blame China when pollution surged for three days earlier this month. The point of the exercise was for the rain to douse airborne particles and pollutants known as ‘fine dust’ in South Korea. A full reported is expected to be released later next month.
Source: Daily Mail
18:38 27.01.2019

China's top steelmaking city issues 'orange' smog alert

Tangshan, one of China’s largest steel producing cities issues a second “orange” smog alert as wave of pollution is expected to flood the region. As a result, the steel mills will have to reduce their production by between 30-60% and diesel trucks will also be reduced in the region, among over restrictions.
Source: Reuters
18:41 24.01.2019

China takes on illegal lead battery recycling in new plan

As part of tackling pollution, the Chinese government announced that it will be curtailing illegal lead recycling and encouraging the collection of lead acid batteries to be recycled. In a hope to increase the rate of this recycling to 70% by 2025. In 2017 China was estimated to produce 3.3 million tons of lead battery waste every year.
Source: Reuters
18:58 22.01.2019

China's top steelmaking city issues level 2 smog alert

Tangshan issued an “orange” air pollution alert after a blanket of smog was expected to cover the region. Steel mills have will to reduce production by between 30% and 60% and other industrial plants will have to restrict output as well. The alert lasted between 22nd and 25th January.
Source: Reuters
17:41 22.01.2019

Air Pollution Linked to Unhappiness

Air pollution is a major driver of depression in China, according to a study published Monday that matched social network chatter with fine-particle pollution levels. Dirty air is not the only issue in urban China, which is also plagued by soaring housing prices, worries over food safety, and poor public services.
Source: The Guardian
19:12 21.01.2019

Air pollution puts city residents in bad mood, study suggests

In new study conducted in China finds that high levels of air pollution are directly associated with low levels of happiness. Air pollution already causes 1.1 million premature deaths in China and this study shows it is impacting mental as well as physical health. The study tested the mood of 144 Chinese cities by analysing 210 million tweets.
Source: The Independent
19:09 21.01.2019

Air pollution affects happiness not just health, scientists find

Study conducted using tweets from one of China’s largest social media platform analysed the impact of pollution on happiness. After examining 210 million tweets, researchers at MIT and the University of Beijing found that increased pollution decreases happiness. They found with every unitary increase pollution beyond the recommended level it decreases happiness by 0.04 points out of 100.
Source: The Telegraph