19:47 20.09.2019

Millions of demonstrators join largest climate protest in history

Millions of demonstrators took to the streets of the world’s biggest cities on Friday for the largest climate protest in history, ahead of a UN summit at which about 60 countries are expected to make new climate commitments. The protest movement that began last year when the teenager Greta Thunberg went on a solo “school strike” in Stockholm, has now swelled to cover more than 150 countries. Demonstrations took place in almost all the world’s big cities, from Sydney to New Delhi and Boston.
Source: FT
20:39 18.09.2019

Leading countries blocked from speaking at UN climate summit

Leading economies such as Japan and Australia will not be invited to speak at next week’s crunch UN climate change summit, as their continued support for coal clashes with the demands of the organisation’s secretary-general as he sounds the alarm on climate change. Coal has emerged as a key issue ahead of Monday’s meeting in New York, where 63 countries are expected to speak, according to a draft schedule seen by the Financial Times.
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20:37 17.09.2019

Fossil fuel divestment has ‘zero’ climate impact, says Bill Gates

Climate activists are wasting their time lobbying investors to ditch fossil fuel stocks, according to Bill Gates, the billionaire Microsoft co-founder who is one of the world’s most prominent philanthropists. Those who want to change the world would do better to put their money and energy behind the disruptive technologies that slow carbon emissions and help people adapt to a warming world, Mr Gates told the Financial Times.
Source: FT
20:35 15.09.2019

Survey underscores high levels of US scepticism on climate change

The US is a clear outlier in terms of public scepticism of the threat of climate change, according to a comprehensive survey of attitudes to the issue in 28 countries. The results of the survey, released on Sunday, come ahead of a major UN climate summit in New York next week, where 60 heads of state are expected to make new climate pledges, but those will not include US President Donald Trump.
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21:01 13.09.2019

Why this climate change economist rocked my world

Weitzman was among several prominent economists to raise this concern. But he then asked us to contemplate the risk of runaway effects. An example: as arctic permafrost thaws, a huge volume of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, may be released. Other economists have recognised the issue of “tail risks”, well outside the most likely scenarios. None have thought more deeply about it than Weitzman.
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20:43 13.09.2019

Hard-wired to ignore the climate crisis?

Everything living is dying out. A 2014 analysis of 3,000 species, confirmed by recent studies, reveals that half of all wild animals have been lost since 1970. The Amazon is burning, as is the Arctic. An excess of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, meanwhile, has not only played havoc with the climate but also reduced the nutrient value of plants by about 30 per cent since the 1950s.
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18:11 11.09.2019

AllianceBernstein sends staff to climate school

US fund manager AllianceBernstein is sending its investment staff back to school. The $580bn fund house has developed a training course with New York’s Columbia University on the financial risks of climate change, which the firm’s analysts and portfolio managers will be required to attend. A pilot group of 35 AllianceBernstein portfolio managers and analysts attended sessions at Columbia’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory earlier this year to learn how to factor climate risks, such as rising sea levels, wildfires and extreme weather, into their investment decisions.
Source: FT
08:55 11.09.2019

Car free day set for Bangkok to reduce traffic congestion, pollution

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) have announced it will organize Bangkok Car Free Day 2019, to be held on September 22 2019. The aim is to reduce traffic congestion, pollution and save energy and encourage motorists to give up their cars for a day and to use public transportation. BMA hope that campaign will see some motorists to change their travel mode choice to reduce the use of fuel and to decrease the impact of global warming.
Source: China.Org
08:52 11.09.2019

Smog returns as Beijing uses ‘smokestack stimulus’ in US trade war

As Northern China ramps up is factory output, by increasing industrial production, the environment is paying a price. During a presentation at the CLSA Investors’ Forum in Hong Kong on Tuesday, pollution levels had climbed by 6.5% from October to March in 2019. Heavy industrial production were pushing up coal consumptionand greenhouse gas emissions. In Beijing, industrial production of cement, metals, pig iron, steel products and thermal power – all of which emit carbon dioxide, the most common greenhouse gas – saw sharp increases in the October to March period, against sharp declines a year earlier.
Source: Inkstone News
18:06 10.09.2019

UN climate talks set to be held in Glasgow

The UK will host UN climate talks in Glasgow next year, a move that hands Britain a crucial diplomatic role in helping determine the outcome of the Paris climate agreement. The location, announced by foreign secretary Dominic Raab on Tuesday, underscores the UK’s efforts to make climate policy a centrepiece of its foreign policy agenda — which has been largely dominated by Brexit over the past three years.
Source: FT