13:31 10.09.2020

No more pandemic blue skies

Lockdown months resulted in cleaner air in many cities, but pollution levels have nearly returned to pre-pandemic levels. Smoggy cities are a danger to human health and have a substantial drag on the economy. Early data from China shows that air pollution in many areas is overshooting pre-pandemic levels, indicating what experts call a "dirty recovery."
Source: AXIOS
13:37 09.09.2020

Anger in China as doctor who died of Covid-19 omitted from citizen awards

A ceremony, where Chinse leader, Xi Jinping recognized a group of citizens for their contributions to the country’s fight against Covid failed to mention Li Wenliang, a Chinese doctor, who was “disciplined” by local authorities after trying to warn colleagues of the virus before he died. His death turned into a rallying call for free speech and demands for government accountability. Xi Jinping has received online criticism, having failed to mentioned Dr Li.
Source: The Guardian
13:25 08.09.2020

Daughter of UK man 'who died from COVID-19 in January' attacks China for 'cover-up'

Jane Buckland, the daughter of a man believed to be the first person to die from Covid-19 in January, has said her father might still be alive in Beijing had not covered up the outbreak. His initial cause of death was attributed to heart failure and pneumonia, however the coronavirus was found in his lungs. Jane said "If China hadn't lied to the rest of the world and kept this hidden for so long, it could have saved countless lives."
Source: Sky News
13:22 08.09.2020

China celebrates coronavirus success as Europe suffers

The article highlights how despite billions of people around the globe still suffering from the negative impact of the pandemic with a global death toll reaching 900,000, China’s leaders held ‘a triumphant ceremony’ today in order to celebrate ‘beating the coronavirus’. This comes at a time when people are still skeptical of how the country dealt with the virus, as it attempts to reframe the narrative around the pandemic.
Source: The Japan Times
13:19 08.09.2020

Taiwan to feel impact of China's pollution this week

According to WeatherRisk Explore Inc. President Peng Chi-ming, the high level of air pollution currently travelling down from China is expected to reach western Taiwan as from Friday and negatively impact the country’s air quality. The Central Weather Bureau's Air Quality Monitoring Network issued red pollution alerts yesterday for the general public – the hourly ozone concentration level in Shanghai and its air pollution had already reached Taiwan.
Source: Taiwan News
06:22 01.09.2020

China cover-up exposed: Beijing response to COVID likely 'shifted to suit itself'

Sir Iain Duncan Smith has suggested China may have “shifted” the timeline of events at the start of the coronavirus outbreak, amid fears knowledge of a potential health crisis could have threatened a multi-billion pound trade deal with the US. The former Tory leader claimed China had known about the virus as early as October 2019 – two months before the World Health Organisation (WHO) was alerted.
Source: Daily Express
04:56 01.09.2020

Covid Cover-up Wuhan woman sues Chinese government after dad dies from coronavirus saying they ‘covered up’ facts

A woman is suing the Chinese government after her father, a Wuhan resident died from Coronavirus in January, after claims that they covered up facts about the virus. She blames the government for not being transparent about the disease and how it is transmitted from one person to the other. There has been worldwide frustration with China’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak, with several world leaders insisting the country has not been open about the disease. Lots of conspiracy theories have emerged with China being accused of several wrongdoings in regard to the pandemic.
Source: The Sun
04:51 01.09.2020

China's 40 million deaths cover-up exposed amid coronavirus controversy

China’s Communist Party has followed the precedent set up former rulers by falsifying its coronavirus statistics. Trust in the government has deteriorated since the pandemic came to the world’s attention. Before the world was alerted to the crisis, whistleblower and doctor in Wuhan, Li Wenliang was punished for warning other doctors of a new SARS-like disease in a WhatsApp chat. While the coronavirus threat reached other countries, China's attempts to prevent news of the disease travelling has been condemned and figures did not seem trustworthy.
Source: Express
14:49 27.08.2020

WHO goes on three-week Covid mission to China – but without visiting Wuhan

A World Health Organization team sent to China to investigate the origins of coronavirus did not visit Wuhan, where the pandemic first emerged late last year, sparking criticism. Australia lead calls in April for an international inquiry into the origins of Covid-19, which a Chinese envoy this week likened to Brutus betraying Julius Caesar.
Source: The Telegraph