10:16 13.05.2020

Coronavirus latest: Air traffic will not return to pre-crisis levels until 2023, Iata says

US-China virus tensions thrust renminbi back under spotlight. When Trump lashed out towards Beijing over its handling of the pandemic, global currency traders’ attention focused on the exchange rate. The Renminbi has fallen by 0.5% against the dollar since the end of April when the president asserted, without evidence that he was confident covid-19 emerged from a lab in Wuhan. He suggested that imposed trade tariffs could be a way to punish China.
Source: FT
10:08 13.05.2020

Coronavirus: China’s new army of tough-talking diplomats

China has dispatched vocal diplomats into the world of social media with the aim to defend China's handling of the coronavirus pandemic and challenge those who question Beijing's version of events. Lijian Zhao, China's young foreign affairs spokesman who has 600,000 followers on Twitter made the unsubstantiated suggestion that the United States might have brought coronavirus to Wuhan. Zhao is frequently retweeting and liking anything that promotes and defends China.
Source: BBC
16:05 12.05.2020

New Zealand backs Taiwan joining the WHO despite China rebuke

New Zealand’s foreign minister says the country has to stand up for itself after Beijing protests against calls for Taiwan to join the World Health Organisation (WHO) as an observer. Taiwan, who has a strong support from the US, has stepped up its lobbying, a move which has angered China.
Source: The Guardian
16:02 12.05.2020

Coronavirus: Wuhan draws up plans to test all 11 million residents

Wuhan recorded 6 new cases over the weekend. The city is now drawing up plans to test its entire population for Covid-19. Prior to the weekend, no cases had been recorded since 3 April. The document currently being drawn up is referred to as the 10-day battle. It is rumored that older people and densely populated communities should be prioritized when it comes to testing.
Source: BBC News
15:59 12.05.2020

Coronavirus: Bryan Adams attacks China as 'bat eating, virus making' source

Canadian singer-songwriter Brian Adams has made an expletive-filled attack on Chinese people over coronavirus on a message he posted on Instagram. Adams was due to star in a concert at the Royal Albert hall which was cancelled due to the virus. He said ‘Tonight was supposed to be the beginning of a tenancy of gigs at the @royalalberthall, but thanks to some fucking bat eating, wet market animal selling, virus making greedy bastards, the whole world is now on hold, not to mention the thousands that have suffered or died from this virus. My message to them other than ‘thanks a fucking lot’ is go vegan.” The article mentions
Source: The Guardian
23:07 11.05.2020

China should pay for the pollution

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg and 15 other youths urged the UN on May 5 to accept their standing claim against five countries, who they say have failed to protect children from imminent and foreseeable risk to their health and wellbeing.
Source: Iron Panda. Facebook
16:12 11.05.2020

Coronavirus: China pollution returns after pandemic cleared the air

Despite the skies clearing during the lockdown, China’s rush to kick start its economy has lead to a fast increase in air pollutants. According to Greenpeace China, the levels of toxic pollutants were higher in April compared to the same period last year. This may mean that the positive trends witnessed during the epidemic may very quickly be reversed.
Source: South China Morning Post
16:08 09.05.2020

Coronavirus has created a rift between the US and China that may take a generation to heal

The article highlights how the virus has further dampened the stained relationship between both the US and China, rather than bringing them together to fight the pandemic. China has been criticised by both its own inhabitants and overseas in its handling of the virus, especially in the early stages of the outbreak. In the last few weeks, the Trump administration has repeatedly pointed the finger at China and criticised its handling of the outbreak questioning its officially released numbers, and stating that the virus was started in a lab.
Source: CNN