09:01 05.01.2020

“China is Probably the Worst in Terms of the Quality of Air”: Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic, ranked second best tennis player in the work, stated at a recent press conference that he had experienced difficulties when playing matches in China, with poor air quality making conditions extremely challenging for athletes. He added that some players ensure that they have access to oxygen tanks during certain tournaments, to aid their breathing when playing in heavy smog. Discussion of this issue by a high-profile sportsman underscores the prevalence of this issue even to those who are not exposed to this environment on a regular basis.
Source: Essentially Sports
08:58 04.01.2020

Long-term exposure to tiny air pollutants can increase risk of stroke

China’s rapid industrialisation is juxtaposed with significant health concerns for the population. A new study, which investigates the long-term consequences of air pollution on the human body, found that higher pollution levels directly correlate with the risk of stroke amongst China’s adult population. The country needs to address public health concerns to mitigate these concerns in the context of continued industrial development.
Source: The Economic Times
08:55 04.01.2020

Pollution and dam-building drive 7ft Chinese paddlefish to extinction

High levels of pollution in the Yangtze river are being cited as a key reason for the extinction of one of the world’s largest freshwater predators, the Chinese paddlefish. Over the last twenty years, three separate species of marine wildlife have been declared extinct from Asia’s largest river, with this latest development signalling another ecological crisis. Reparations are urgently needed as ecosystems continue to fall victim to increasing water traffic, destruction of habitats and growing pollution in the region.
Source: The Times
09:04 02.01.2020

China’s top steel city Tangshan issues orange smog alert

The largest steelmaking city, Tangshan today has issued an orange alert for pollution thanks to deteriorating weather conditions, as reported by a local government notice. This alert is the second-highest (red being the top) in Hebei’s three tiered system and require companies to take action to cut emissions and restrict output.
Source: Reuters
15:17 21.12.2019

India Leads the Most Death Linked to Pollution

This article references a report which has found that 1.8 million deaths in China have been linked to pollution. The report classified pollution into four categories – air, water, occupational and lead – and said that 40% of pollution-related deaths came from indoor or outdoor air contaminants.
Source: Nature World News
15:21 20.12.2019

Study: Pollution kills 8.3 million people annually

There has been a new analysis which found that exposure to toxic air, water, soil and chemicals can kill up to 8.3m people across the world each year. The analysis also found that India and China are the countries which have the most premature deaths from pollution. Whilst this is not too surprising as these countries have more than a billion populations and are industrialising.
Source: Forbes