10:50 18.10.2019

China’s EIA Rollback

The Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment has recently decided to exempt a number of construction projects from otherwise obligatory environmental impact assessments. Decisions such as these raise eyebrows about China’s commitment to environmental sustainability.
Source: Council on Foreign Relations
10:53 17.10.2019

China’s carbon emissions trading scheme: Smoke and mirrors

China has recently indicated how its Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), to launch next year, will work. However, certain aspects of the scheme seem ineffective compared to other emissions cutting protocols. Most notably, the scheme will not feature an overall cap on CO2 emissions, but instead will be a CO2 intensity trading scheme.
Source: The Interpreter
11:00 15.10.2019

Air pollution linked to miscarriages in China, study finds

A new study which was published in China, focused on the patient records of over 255,000 pregnant women in Beijing between 2009 and 2017 reveals that the dangerous effects of poor air quality extend to unborn fetuses. Rates of miscarriage were examined as well as individual exposure of each expectant mother to various types of air pollution.
Source: New York Post
17:14 11.10.2019

China begins new environmental probe in smog-prone Hebei province

Local authorities in the Hebei province surrounding Beijing have been accused of evading efforts to curb pollution – in a bid to meet growth and employment targets. It is for this reason that China has begun a new audit into environmental compliance in the area.
Source: Reuters
17:12 11.10.2019

Japan’s sushi rolls under threat from climate change

The troubles in Futtsu are part of a nationwide decline in nori production, which last year fell to its lowest level since 1972, pushing up prices and threatening a cherished staple of the Japanese diet. The disruption offers an early hint of how environmental change will affect food production, forcing longstanding industries to adapt.
Source: FT
17:10 11.10.2019

Green revolution will mean challenges and opportunities

The FT fund has continued to prosper this autumn. As forecast, the world economy is muddling through with slower growth boosted by efforts from central banks and some governments to provide it with more stimulus. World manufacturing remains very weak, with part of the problem being structural changes in the motor industry.
Source: FT