14:51 19.07.2020

Beijing delays World Health Organisation’s coronavirus inquiry at first step

Scientists sent to prepare the ground for an investigation into the pandemic’s origins have had to stay in quarantine for a week amid scepticism China will ever co-operate with the UN health body’s mission. Some experts have suggested that even if China allows a full mission to go ahead as a gesture of co-operation, WHO scientists will not be able to obtain the information required for an independent inquiry. “Beijing wants to avoid giving Chinese people any impression from this visit that China was the source of this pandemic,” said Yanzhong Huang, an expert on China’s health system at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.
Source: The Sunday Times
16:51 16.07.2020

Coronavirus: China’s air pollution nearly halved during lockdown, NASA analysis reveals

acts are facts and this shows what a drastic reduction the burning of fossil fuels can mean. Due to the stringent lockdown of China, under lockdown, CO2 levels were unprecedentedly low. However, now easing is lessening and with its current policies in place, China’s greenhouse gas emissions are projected to rise until at least 2030. It needs to adapt to the future of renewables to have a lasting effect on the world’s ability to limit warning to 1.5 degrees as set out in the Paris Agreement.
Source: Sky News
05:33 16.07.2020

China's V-shaped rebound is built on Leninist industrial excess and ecological vandalism

China’s roaring recovery must be taken with heapings of salt. The country has reclaimed all lost output since the pandemic, but only by doubling down on an exhausted model of market-Leninism that goes nowhere. Little of this "economic activity" is responding to any meaningful market signal, and it amounts to ecological vandalism. China’s return to its worst industrial habits is an environmental disaster. Global Energy Monitor says China is developing 250 gigawatts of new coal-fired plants - twice the entire existing coal power capacity of the EU. It has proposed another 41GW this year and has relaxed its “traffic light” system for limiting permits. The excuse is that the latest plants will displace dirtier facilities but this technology curbs local air pollution much more than carbon emissions. It is hard to avoid the conclusion that China is thumbing its nose at the world and is giving up any serious effort to wean the economy off coal, still generating two-thirds of the country’s power.
Source: The Telegraph
05:37 15.07.2020

Donald Trump says China ‘fully responsible’ for hiding coronavirus and ‘unleashing it’ on world

Trump has told reporters he holds China “fully responsible for concealing the virus and unleashing it upon the world”. He made the remarks at a White House press conference in which announced he had signed off on sanctions against China. The President has also signed an executive order ending any preferential treatment for Hong Kong, which would now be afforded the same treatment as mainland China.
Source: The Irish Post
18:16 14.07.2020

Coronavirus: 'Virus escaped from Chinese lab in 2004'

The recent outbreak of a new strain of the coronavirus traced to Wuhan has infected 12.9 million people across the world. The Chinese government has a well-documented history of systemic cover-ups of scandals according to the South China Morning Post.
Source: Express
05:30 14.07.2020

Biden’s $2 trillion climate plan aims to reframe debate

Donald Trump has spoken out about Vice president, Biden, who was a leading advocate of the Paris Climate accord, which he says was unbelievably expensive to the country. He added that it would have “crushed US manufacturers whilst allowing China to pollute the atmosphere with impunity”, something which he describes as “yet another gift to the Chinese Communist Party.”
Source: The Washington Post