14:48 26.08.2020

China’s lockdown cut some air pollution, but not all

It is undisputable that during February as China shutdown on the back of the spread of the pandemic, there was a large and rapid decline in nitrogen dioxide. However, despite this – research quoted in this article shows that there was no dramatic change in the total amount of aerosol particles in the atmosphere or in cloud properties and as such, the immediate climate-related impacts from the shutdown are negligible.
Source: Futurity
11:45 25.08.2020

China’s Coronavirus Lockdowns In February Decreased Some Air Pollution But Not All

The article highlights how, despite the media stating that the level of pollution in China decreased during the lockdown, this was short-lived and not entirely correct. The high level of some air pollution in China did decrease during the February lockdown, but not all of it did. Indeed, there was a drop in nitrogen oxides which is a form of pollution produced from transport including cars however, there were no significant changes in the high level of aerosol particles in the atmosphere. The journalist explains how the high level of pollution in China has lead to severe health threats in the country, including a higher fatality rate seen for instance during the 2003 SARS epidemic.
Source: Forbes
12:41 22.08.2020

Melting ice is a reminder of the climate emergency

The last three weeks have brought troubling news about ice. Canada's last fully intact ice shelf has broken apart. Tourists in Italy have been evacuated as huge chunks of glacier ice threaten to crash down in summer heat. Scientists have reported that Greenland lost the record-breaking equivalent of 1m tonnes of ice a minute over 2019 and its ice sheet has reached a worrying new normal of sustained loss
Source: Financial Times
12:23 20.08.2020

Here’s how air pollution might make COVID-19 worse

The health problems associated with air pollution have now another problem to add to their list – COVID-19. Various studies, including one from Harvard University show that exposure to air pollution may increase the severity of the virus and in the end, lead to more deaths. Of course it is recognised that there is still a lot of unknown about the specifics of COVID-19, there have been similar studies which show that people who live in more polluted areas are more likely to suffer and die from the virus, such as China.
Source: Desert News
15:25 18.08.2020

Leaving Car Windows Open Exposes People To 80% More Air Pollution Than Using Recirculation: Study

A global multi-city study, conducted from the University of Surrey has found that people who switched on re-circulation systems in heavily polluted cities were exposed to around 80% less air pollution than those who drove with their car windows open. Data was gathered across 10 cities, including Guangzhou (China). Air pollution kills an estimated 7 million people worldwide every year, and 9/10 people worldwide are breathing air that contains high levels of pollutants.
Source: The Swaddle
15:22 18.08.2020

Coronavirus: Chinese city of Wuhan hosts post-lockdown music festival at water park

Thousands of people gathered in an open air water park for a music festival in Wuhan. Scenes of partygoers were packed side-by-side enjoying the event in inflatable dinghies as they watched the performance, they were not wearing masks or practicing social distancing. COVID-19 has since spread worldwide, with 770,000 deaths worldwide.
Source: Sky News
13:51 16.08.2020

THEY'D MAKE ME DISAPPEAR' Heroic coronavirus whistleblower reveals how she fled China to reveal country’s Covid cover-up to the world

Whistleblower Chinese virologist Li-Meng Yan, who fled to the US, says she fears the coronavirus was created on purpose. After abandoning her husband in Hong Kong to reveal the "truth" about China's cover-up, Dr Yan also alleges that Covid-19 is linked to "reckless" experiments on bat coronaviruses conducted in military labs, says a report. Her allegations come after she claimed in July that many lives could have been saved if the Chinese government hadn’t censored her work.
Source: The Sun
13:26 13.08.2020

Air pollution is much worse than we thought

China’s pollution has produced larger data sets and a wider, fuller picture of the real-world effects of pollution. In China and India, the air quality remains abysmal. A Lancet Commission study in 2017 found that in 2015, air pollution killed 1.81 million people in India and 1.58 million in China.
Source: VOX