16:19 06.05.2020

China reportedly running propaganda campaigns to hide coronavirus response

China is working on containing information coming out of Wuhan about the coronavirus pandemic, warning lawyers not to assist people sue the government and interrogating mourning family members of those stricken – as critics of the response disappear, according to a report. The Communist Party propaganda has portrayed the dead as martyrs rather than victims and censors have removed news reports that exposed Beijing’s efforts to withhold date and hide the severity of the outbreak, the New York Times reported.
Source: New York Post
18:48 05.05.2020

Europe and China were on course for a reset. Coronavirus changed all that

According to the article, 2020 was supposed to be a crucial year for the EU and China, however, China’s response to the pandemic has left a ‘bitter taste in the mouths of European officials’, from clampdowns on the country’s citizens, to accusation of spreading false information across Europe. The article highlights how it is clear that the crisis has made the EU rethink their relationship with China as they are concerned about the country’s behaviour.
Source: CNN
16:14 05.05.2020

Air Pollution on the rise in China as lockdown ends

Satellite data has shows that air pollution in China is on the rise following the end of the coronavirus lockdown. A map has highlighted areas including Wuhan, the suspected epicentre of the outbreak, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. The maps were created using readings from the Sentinel-5P observation satellite, and first appeared in the META newsletter of the European Environmental Bureau, (EEB), a network of organisations from more than 30 countries.
Source: The Independent
18:44 04.05.2020

Coronavirus Survivors Want Answers, and China Is Silencing Them

The article highlights how, as mourning family members in the city of Wuhan are trying to get answers, the government are silencing them - with the police threatening and interrogating grieving relatives and lawyers warned not to help them sue. It describes how the Chinese government is imposing the ‘same kind of collective amnesia around the outbreak’ as it did to silence family members following the 2008 earthquake in Sichuan Province which killed 69,000 people, as well as the train crash in the city of Wenzhou in 2011. In addition, some residents believe that their city’s death toll is higher than the official released figures.
Source: The New York Times
18:42 04.05.2020

US government report assesses China intentionally concealed severity of coronavirus

A US Department of Homeland Security report has concluded that the Chinese government “intentionally concealed the severity of the coronavirus from the international community” whilst cutting its exports of medical supplies. The Trump administration is said to already be considering their response to this evidence, and continue “to determine the exact origins of the coronavirus outbreak in pursuit of an unproven theory that the pandemic started because of a laboratory accident in China”.
Source: CNN
18:38 04.05.2020

Is air pollution making the coronavirus pandemic even more deadly?

Whilst a link between the 2003 SARS outbreak and and high levels of air pollution is already now, researchers are now investigating as to whether the same is true for COVID-19. Dr María Neira, director of public health at the World Health Organization (WHO), has said that “we don’t have the evidence linking directly to mortality yet, but we know if you are exposed to air pollution you are increasing your chances of being more severely affected.”
Source: The Guardian
14:58 01.05.2020

Coronavirus: Trump seems to undercut US spies on virus origins

Hot off the press that Covid-19 was not created in a lab, there is still extensive research to be carried out and ‘the intelligence community will continue to rigorously examine emerging information and intelligence to determine whether the outbreak began through contact with infected animals or if it was a result of an accident at a laboratory in Wuhan.’ Despite this, there is still the chance that the virus was accidentally leaked from a Wuhan lab.
Source: BBC
14:55 01.05.2020

Coronavirus: WHO ‘not invited’ to join China’s COVID-19 investigations

Isn’t it a little concerning that China is continuing to refuse requests from the WHO around the investigations of Covid-19. Asked by Sky News whether there was a good reason not to include the WHO, Dr Galea replied: "From our point of view, no." China’s reaction to this is that the investigation should lie with scientists rather than such bodies but there are question markets when the WHO have not been able to investigate logs from the two labs working with viruses in Wuhan.
Source: Sky News