13:04 10.12.2019

Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area in north China shrouded in smog

The article emphasises how the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area and neighbouring regions in northern China have been covered in a thick layer of pollution since the weekend. A yellow alert for heavy fog was announced on Monday, warning that the southern regions were also going to encounter heavy fog with very reduced visibility. The entire city reached the second highest level of air pollution.
Source: CGTN
12:51 10.12.2019

China's step back on environmental promises means pollution is now ten times worse than central London

ITV’s Asia correspondent describes her experience in Dezhou, China, where the smog is not only visible, one can smell it and also taste it. It’s hard to imagine why the Chinese Government would give the go ahead to any more coal plants, given the choking environment its people are already living in. This year, 6 new coal plants were approved and 5 more are under construction. Two years ago, China banned all coal developments but since then the ongoing trade war with the US has put the economy on the back foot resulting in an economic slowdown. There is now a push to increase manufacturing and industrial output. China is now the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases and biggest producer of renewables.
Source: ITV News
13:05 08.12.2019

China struggles with low visibility, traffic disruption amid heavy fog

Beijing Meteorological Observatory put out a yellow alert to warn against heavy fog last week. In Heibei province, visibility was lower than 50 metres – affecting both roads and flights. The pollution is thought to be the result of poor air diffusion, with the article referencing how pollution has greatly affected Beijing in recent years.
Source: WION
13:18 04.12.2019

China urges regions to tackle pollution in major rivers

The quality of water in some Chinese regions are ‘seriously lagging’, despite big improvements. Some rivers require ‘urgent pollution treatment’. China is in the mist of programme to clean up the Yangtza, its biggest river and put an end to major developments along its banks.
Source: Reuters
17:23 02.12.2019

China Plans New Coal Plants, Trims Support for Clean Energy

This article references how, given China’s slowing growth levels, policymakers are reducing support for renewable energy in favour of getting behind coal and other heavy industries. Additionally, the article identifies clear contradictions in China’s energy policy; whilst China remains the largest clean energy market globally (being the leading market for solar panels, wind turbines and electric cars), it also burns approximately half the world’s coal.
Source: New York Times
13:26 02.12.2019

China coal use continues to rise

The article highlights how China is currently burning nearly half the coal used globally on an annual basis, and its greenhouse gas emissions almost tripled between the year 2000 and 2018. In addition, Beijing is currently investing more heavily in the use of coal rather than renewable subsidies, as well as helping to finance a quarter of the new coal plants around the world.
Source: Energy Reporters