14:50 01.05.2020

Trump confident Covid-19 originated in Wuhan lab

The President of the United States has stated that he has seen strong evidence that the virus originated from a lab in Wuhan, adding to his attacks on China regarding the spread of the disease. He has not disclosed why he thinks this and has not revealed evidence yet, however that is only a matter of time. The administration is still investigating the origins of the virus.
Source: FT
14:47 30.04.2020

Academic probe links between coronavirus and toxic air pollution

Air pollution has taken on a more worrying significance as it is linked to coronavirus mortality rates. A study that examined the 2003 Sars outbreak found that people living in heavily polluted areas of China were twice as likely to die from the illness than those who lived in areas with limited pollution.
Source: FT
14:27 30.04.2020

Trump says China wants him to lose re-election

Trump said Beijing faced a "lot" of possible consequence from the US for the outbreak. He said China should have let the world know about the contagion much sooner. Mr Trump, who has waged a trade war with China, offered no specifics about how he might act against Beijing. He told Reuters: "There are many things I can do. We're looking for what happened. China will do anything they can to have me lose this race."
Source: BBC News
14:15 28.04.2020

Could China face global legal consequences over its handling of the coronavirus crisis?

The spread of coronavirus has been accompanied by calls for China‘s government to pay reparations for hiding the beginning of the disease, the rapid spread of Covid-19 has resulted in such devastating human and economic cost across the world. There are currently ten law suits lodged against Beijing ranging from groups of private companies in Europe and the US, to states like Missouri and Mississippi. There are reports other cases are likely to follow.
Source: The Independent
14:08 28.04.2020

China’s Factories Are Back. Its Consumers Aren’t

As covid-19 outbreak ebbs in China, the country has made big strides forward in restarting the economy. Factories were brought to a standstill when the virus broke but they are now humming again and even the air pollution is coming back.
Source: New York Times
17:00 27.04.2020

Letters: We must all put pressure on China

China has been accused of showing “a blatant disregard not only for the welfare of animals but also for the rest of mankind” as COVID-19 became the second virus to have allegedly originated from their wet markets. There are calls for greater pressure to be placed on the nation when the world emerges from the pandemic, in terms of animal welfare and environmental sustainability.
Source: The Herald