11:39 12.08.2020

Pollution from Illegal Coal Mining in Qinghai Creates Hardship for Tibetan Nomads

Local media have been investigating illegal coal mining on a state-protected nature reserve in China’s north-western Qinghai province has caused massive ecological damage. Tibetan nomads have been deprived of food for livestock, sources in the region told RFA. The Chinese have excessively exploited Tibetan natural resources and this has created issues with air and water pollution, many animal species are now extinct. Millions of people have been forced their grasslands by Chinese government policy, ending traditional agriculture practice and opening it to the extraction of resources.
Source: Nepal 24 Hour
11:36 11.08.2020

China Has Another Reason to Wear Face Masks

The spread between two varieties of iron ore is flashing a pollution warning signal for the residents of China. Enforced shutdowns are often imposed in China’s Sinter plants when pollution gets bad, but they are widely flouted, especially when profits are good and the government is prioritizing heavy industrial stimulus. The provinces where steelmaking is concentrated, Hebei and Shandong are particularly bad for the pollution, due to prevailing winds. Pollution is China is responsible for 1.1 million premature deaths in 2015 alone. Air quality has been a priority for Beijing, suggesting that quality of life might take precedence over growth at all costs. Politicians in China have taken pride in the way they have responded to Covid-19 while getting the economy moving again, but if the price is a renewed burden of pollution-related fatalities, precedence over growth at all costs.
Source: Bloomberg
20:06 10.08.2020

Trump urges Americans to stop politicizing the coronavirus, blames China

According to the article, despite President Trump urging American citizens to stop “politicizing the coronavirus”, he also blames the outbreak of the pandemic in the US on China. Trump describes Covid-19 as the “China virus” which he believes is behind the number of deaths in the country.
Source: CNBC
19:58 09.08.2020

China economy cover up: Economist uncovers 'impossible' figures reported by Beijing

China may well be distorting its economic statistics as some analysts point to serious flaws within the country's recovery following COVID-19. The apparent economic recovery comes amid a wave of international scepticism of the state. Several countries have called for an independent investigation into the outbreak of COVID-19. Telecommunications company Huawei will also be removed from the UK and Australian 5G network.
Source: The Daily Expess
16:53 05.08.2020

China cover-up: Chinese scientists investigated on virus origin as second wave fears grow

The WHO will lead an international mission into China to investigate the origins of the virus. Research will be attempted to find the animal responsible for the mutating the virus. A time frame is yet to be confirmed, however, it is expected to take weeks. The WHO investigation comes after months of accusations that the international health body was too slow to respond to the virus. US President pulled funding for the WHO over beliefs that the organisation was a “China puppet”. As of 5th August 2020, Coronavirus has spread across the world, infecting 18,480,000 people
Source: Express
17:59 03.08.2020

China accused of terrifying surveillance plot as DNA 'harvested' under COVID-19 action

Health officials from China have been sent to Hong Kong to conduct COVID-19 testing - prompting suggestions they are using the pandemic as an excuse to harvest the data of residents as part of a wider programme of surveillance. It is believed that it is a PR stunt, China showing its helping the people of Hong Kong to pretend they are going to solve the Covid crisis.
Source: Express
17:56 03.08.2020

Air pollution helps COVID transmission, finds study

A study which found a link between the influence of air pollution on COVID-19 transmissions has been conducted in hotspots including China, Italy and U.S. The study claims that COVID-19 is transmitted through ambient air by droplets which carry the viruses. Which means that changes in the environment will affect the transmission of the infection. Air pollution is one of the elements that can change the environment. So it can be said that air pollution can indirectly influence the transmission.
Source: The Hindu
05:25 03.08.2020

China's new coal projects account for 90% of global total in first-half – study

China built more than half of the world’s new coal-fired power plants this year and accounted for 90% of new planned capacity. Beijing is still commissioning new projects even as capacity worldwide declines. China is the world’s biggest coal consumer and added 53.2 GW of capacity to its project pipeline in the first half of this year which is 90% of the global total.
Source: Reuters