13:10 05.03.2019

Pollution soars in Northern China in February: official data

Air pollution in the 39 smog-prone northern Chinese cities increased in February. The concentrations of airborne PM2.5 increased by 40 percent in February 2019. Henan province was the most polluted province with concentrations up 60 percent from 2018.
Source: Reuters
12:39 03.03.2019

Beijing chokes on dense smog as China’s political heavyweights meet

Ironically, heavy smog covered Beijing during the weekend, just as thousands of delegates started arriving in the Chinese capital for one of the main dates in the country’s political calendar. On Saturday, an orange alert was prompted which is the second-highest smog warning in the four-tier system. This alert advises elderly people and children to stay indoors.
Source: South China Morning Post
13:13 27.02.2019

UPDATE 3-China's 2018 coal usage rises 1 pct, but share of energy mix falls

In 2018 China’s coal production increased for the second year running. It was also the largest increase in CO2 since 2013. However, coal’s share of the total energy consumption reduced to just 59 percent. This is a fall of 1.4 percent on 2017. Total energy production also increased year on year.
Source: Reuters
13:16 25.02.2019

Urbanization Increases Infectious Microbes In The Air

A new study conducted in and round the fast-developing Chinese city of Xiamen, found that urbanization increases the proportion of disease-causing bacteria in the air. Urbanization increases the concentration of gas pollutants which can provide nutrients for microbes. These infectious microbes are damaging to human health especially in the summer.
Source: Forbes
13:20 19.02.2019

Sustainable Finance Is Growing in the World's Worst-Polluting Country

There are positive policies being introduced by the Chinese government that include the target of selling 2 million alternative fuel vehicles by 2020. This is being matched by the private sector who are increasingly investing in green finance. 60 percent of Chinese investors with a minimum of $1 million available to invest said they have already invested in ESG. But Tao Zhang, the founder of U.S.-China impact investing consortium Dao Ventures, is pessimistic about the success of the Chinese sustainability agenda.
Source: Bloomberg
02:08 15.02.2019

China's top steelmaking province of Hebei issues orange smog alert

The Hebei province, one of the largest steel producing regions in China, has raised an orange smog alert. The warning will affect 11 regions in Hebei and will last between the 17th and 22nd of February. The warning will require industrial companies to cut output by at least 30 percent.
Source: Reuters