21:21 21.06.2019

Tory minister Mark Field suspended after grabbing protester by neck

Foreign Office minister Mark Field has been suspended by Downing Street after video footage showed him manhandling a female climate change protester who had interrupted a City of London event. Widely shared footage taken at Thursday night’s Mansion House dinner showed Mr Field removing one of several dozen Greenpeace protesters who had interrupted the event by pushing her against a column before taking hold of the back of her neck and marching her out of the room.
Source: FT
15:19 21.06.2019

China coal hub Shanxi slams seven cities for pollution spike in 2019

The top coal-producing province of Shanxi has targeted seven of its cities following a spike in air pollution in the first half of this year, as stated by the country’s environment ministry in a notice. 2019 marks the sixth year of a war on pollution for the country, aimed at allaying unrest around the state of the skies, rivers and soil. All seven cities saw an increase in air pollution during Jan – May. Luliang, a major coal producing city, was also blamed for failing to curb its water pollution during the timescale.
Source: Reuters
15:18 21.06.2019

EU 2050 climate target blocked by eastern nations

The Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary and Poland have blocked a deal to target neutral climate emissions across the EU by 2050 at a meeting of national leaders in Brussels on Thursday. The failure to agree the EU-wide pledge ramps up the pressure on Europe to agree a concrete new commitment ahead of the UN climate conference in September. Ariving empty-handed could undermine the bloc’s claim to be a leader in taking action on climate change and make it more difficult to put pressure on China and other countries to do more.
Source: FT
16:02 19.06.2019

China's Shanxi orders 82 coal mines to halt production or construction

China’s Shanxi province (the second biggest coal-production region with an output of over 893 million tonnes in 2018) has instructed 82 coal mines to stop production after discovering dangers at the sites. The total cost of fines imposed were nearly 61 million yuan. Inspections on coal mines have recently stepped up after the collapse of a mine which killed 21 miners in January. The National Development and Reform Commission, said it would ramp up closures of small coal mines to boost safety and reduce pollution, and that it plans to cut the number of small coal mines nationally to less than 800 by 2021.
Source: Reuters
15:56 19.06.2019

Hong Kong Protests: The View from Beijing

In an article regarding the recent demonstrations, pollution has been referenced as a topic which keeps China’s leaders awake at night. The article also mentions that the Ministry of Agriculture admits 40% of China’s land is poisoned by pollution and nutrient rich top spoil is in decline.
Source: The Globalist
15:52 19.06.2019

Should company lawyers do more on climate risk?

A couple of months ago, nearly 3,500 European in-house lawyers were sent a survey asking a simple question: Do you expect your organisation to face legal risks because of climate change?
Source: FT
15:50 19.06.2019

EU to debate adopting 2050 ‘net zero’ emissions target

A plan to slash EU carbon emissions to “net zero” within 30 years will be debated at a meeting of leaders that begins in Brussels on Thursday, as the bloc considers joining a growing number of nations poised to adopt tough climate goals and radically reduce greenhouse gases within a generation.
Source: FT
15:33 19.06.2019

Trump administration unveils rules to help coal industry

The Trump administration has opened a new front in battles over US climate policy by overhauling rules for power plant emissions to try to help the coal industry. The Environmental Protection Agency’s Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule is intended to comply with legal requirements to control carbon dioxide emissions from electricity generation while minimising intervention in the industry. The agency published the final version on Wednesday.
Source: FT
15:31 19.06.2019

Himalayas glacier melt accelerates as temperatures rise

The glaciers of the Himalayas are melting at an accelerating rate, according to a study that underscores the impact of climate change on an area that is a critical source of water supply for India and China.
Source: FT
15:26 19.06.2019

Moral Money: Bridging the yawning information gap on ESG investing

(Almost) everyone knows that ESG is big these days. But how big? That is a matter of heated debate. This week the Global Impact Investing Network released its latest survey of its 266 members who manage $239bn dedicated to “impact”. These investors report compound annual growth of about 17 per cent and the GIIN reckons that if you include investors outside its network the sector is now worth $500bn — or more.
Source: FT