15:21 19.06.2019

Diabetes, cancer and death: These are the effects of polluted air

The Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington found that nearly 5 million deaths worldwide in 2017 resulted from air pollution; by stroke, heart attack, diabetes, lung cancer and chronic lung disease. In addition, a longitudinal study carried out in China which mapped the cognitive test scores of nearly 32,000 people against their exposure to air pollution, found that both verbal and math scores "decreased with increasing cumulative air pollution exposure," a major issue in China, as well as noting that cognitive decline and impairment could also be caused by air pollution.
Source: CNN
19:46 18.06.2019

Global banks agree framework to promote green shipping

A group of global banks led by Citi, Société Générale and Danske Bank have struck a deal that will limit lending to shipping companies that fail to uphold tough new environmental standards to curb greenhouse gas emissions.
Source: FT
19:13 17.06.2019

China's top steel city Tangshan summons 48 firms over air pollution

The article highlights how China’s leading steelmaking city of Tangshan, has asked for the 48 executives of regional companies with high pollution emissions, to meet and discuss how to cut down on activity to reduce the presence of smog. According to a statement, these companies have previously been criticised by the government, for failing to put measures into place to combat pollution.
Source: Reuters
20:13 13.06.2019

China ministry summons mayors of six cities for failing to meet smog targets

According to a notice, China’s environment ministry has called for an urgent meeting with the mayors of six northern Chinese cities, as they have failed to meet the winter targets to reduce the level of smog. In addition, the article reports that the average air quality has got significantly worse in northern china during the winter period.
Source: Reuters UK