08:15 03.07.2019

Air Pollution Kills Over 5 Million People Every Year

This article highlights the deaths caused by air pollution and the main contributors. More than half of the world’s population that is dying from air pollution come from China and India. China is the leader in premature deaths of 1.6 million a year.
Source: Antarctica Journal
16:54 02.07.2019

Three Recent Studies Have Linked Air Pollution To Autism

The article reflects the findings from a recent study conducted in Asia, Canada and Europe, which shows that exposure to the combination of PM2.5 particle pollution and nitric oxide has led to an increased risk of autism. Researchers studied children in Shanghai, China for nine years, from birth to three-years-of-age found that exposure to fine particles (PM2.5) increased the children's risk of developing autism spectrum disorder by a staggering 78%. PM2.5 pollution is a particular problem in countries such as China and India.
Source: Interesting Engineering
13:23 28.06.2019

Pollution in skies over Hong Kong hits seven-year high, despite government report saying emissions in decline

This article highlights how the concentration of harmful ozone gas is at its worst level since 2011 within the Pearl River Delta region. This high level of gas causes serious health risk warnings in air quality in Hong Kong. The journalist says this raises questions as to whether the report published by the Hong Kong government is valid, as it suggests there has in fact been a decline in pollution within the city.
Source: South China Morning Post
13:10 27.06.2019

G20 cannot run away from climate change

Europe is in meltdown. A heatwave spread across the continent this week, thermometers soared past 40C as temperatures broke new records. Schools close to Paris were forced to close; Germany introduced speed restrictions on its autobahns; and a Spanish meteorologist tweeted a map of the country’s weather forecast with the caption: “Hell is coming.”
Source: FT
00:00 27.06.2019

Flow of cheap gas hits coal prices

Ahead of the G20 summit in Osaka later this week the anti-coal lobby has been out in force, calling on governments to phase out subsidies for the fossil fuel. Activists are preparing to inflate a blimp with a likeness of Shinzo Abe, Japan’s prime minister, standing in a bucket of coal, as they urge the country to stop building new coal-fired power plants. For the moment, however, the coal industry has more pressing concerns, in particular competition from cheap natural gas, which has caused a steep drop in prices.
Source: FT
00:12 25.06.2019

A Chinese professor explains what air pollution does to your health

This article mentions the lower life expectancy of those Chinese residents living North of the Huai River who are exposed to higher levels of pollution caused by burning free coal for winter fuel. Professor Guojun He believes that 3.7 billion life years could be saved in China if the whole country complied with its own Class 1 standards for PM 10 (particulate matter 10 micrometres or less in diameter). The article also provides question and answers from Professor Guojun He on how air pollution damages your health.
Source: World Economic Forum
00:06 25.06.2019

Malaysia air pollution: Schools shut after illness hits children

More than 400 Schools in the industrial area of Pasir Gudang, Malaysia, have been shut until Thursday following another air pollution incident to hit the state. The pollution has affected 75 students, causing them to experience breathing difficulties and vomiting. This comes after an incident in March where around 4,000 people - mostly children - fell ill after chemical waste was illegally dumped in a river.
Source: BBC News
00:03 25.06.2019

G20 plays down commitment to climate change action

Japan has bowed to US pressure by watering down commitments to tackle climate change in its draft G20 communiqué, a sign of how Tokyo is seeking to win favour with Washington amid tense trade talks and concerns over North Korea.
Source: FT
19:45 24.06.2019

A clean Europe in a dirty world

After decades of failure and frustration, the environmental lobby is beginning to assume a significant role in European politics. The implications will be profound, not least for business and for global trade. The past six months have demonstrated the growing strength of the green cause across the EU. Protests in London, and many other cities, not only caused major disruption but also appeared to capture the attention of previously uncommitted voters. Reinforced by some serious new reports, including work from Nasa and the International Energy Agency, the protests put the environment on the mainstream political agenda.
Source: FT