23:26 14.01.2019

Pollution warnings as cities in Northeast China shrouded in smog

The weather bureau has issued orange pollution alerts for Tianjin and seven provinces in the region as visibility is down to less than 50m in the worst affected areas. The central meteorological administration said visibility was less than 200m in some areas and this further emphasises the importance of China stepping up efforts to reduce air pollution.
Source: South China Morning Post
23:16 14.01.2019

Weather patterns worsen heavy smog across Asia

There is an unusual high level of smog which has been worsened by weather patterns which has caused alarm across Asia. As a result, authorities in Bangkok have been handing out face marks whilst stepping up enforcement of pollution controls.
Source: Daily Mail
22:00 14.01.2019

METALS- Base metals fall as China’s exports slump

China’s export hit a two year low in December 2018 and imports also reduced. However, imports of unwrought copper rose by 12.9% reaching the record high of 5.3 million tonnes. This increase in noted in the face of decreasing Chinese exports.
Source: CNBC
21:57 14.01.2019

Update 1-China's 2018 coal imports at four-year high despite curbs

China increases its coal imports to 281.5 million tonnes in 2018, this is an increase of 3.4% on 2017. This yearly increase occurred despite the government’s attempts to curb coal imports and even after coal imports fell in December by 47% to 10.23 million tonnes.
Source: Reuters
22:02 11.01.2019

Chinese cities issue 'orange' smog alert - state radio

Chinese cities Hebei, Shandong, Henan and Shanxi issued a second tier or ‘orange’ level pollution alert in response to the high levels of smog expected in the region. Steel mills, coke plants and aluminium smelters were expected to cut their output by at least 30% during the alert.
Source: Reuters
22:14 10.01.2019

China's Henan underperforms on smog after winter surge

The Chinese industrial city of Henan reached its pollution targets for 2018 but was more polluting than the rest of the country following a surge in smog over the winter. The region is a heavy coal and metal producer and is being targeted by the government’s “war on pollution”.
Source: Reuters