20:04 18.12.2018

Xi Jinping says China 'will not seek to dominate'

In a speech that celebrated a 40-year milestone since the introduction of China’s economic reforms, Chinese President Xi Jinping addressed the country with the message that China does not seek to dominate the international system, but nor will it allow other nations to tell it what to do. Speaking about climate change, he claimed that China was playing a leading role in tackling this issue.
Source: BBC
19:47 14.12.2018

Could Norwegian fjords and waterfalls stop bitcoin from destroying the planet?

The article focuses how bitcoin mining consumes a lot of electricity that is damaging the planet, and that due to the low cost of electricity in China, there is pressure for covert mining operations to take place there, despite the fact that cheaper energy is not necessarily clean energy. The article notes that this is an obstacle at a time when China is trying to reduce its pollution levels produced by coal plants, and offers the hydroelectric power of Norway’s Fjords as a solution.
Source: The Independent
19:53 10.12.2018

Climate change likely to make us more stupid, study finds

A recent study from the University College London found that higher levels of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere could have a detrimental effect on concentration and cognitive abilities. The tests were carried out in China and measured nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide levels, but the study ruled that the link between pollution and brain function had global ramifications.
Source: The Independent
20:00 06.12.2018

Carbon emissions expected to hit all-time high in 2018

News announced at the recent COP24 summit in Poland showed that carbon emissions were on track to hit unprecedented levels by the end of this year, and notes that Chinese emissions were responsible for more than 25% of the global total of emissions, up 4.7% from last year. This also comes in response to a UN report urging countries to be five times as active in their commitments to address global warming.
Source: The Independent
17:09 05.12.2018

Global carbon emissions expected to reach all time high

Global carbon emissions are expected to rise to an all time high this year following research released at the UN Climate Conference. ‘The science is clear’ it was noted; and China remains the biggest carbon polluter – accounting for 27% of the global total.
Source: Sky News
13:16 03.12.2018

Political leaders arrive in Poland in race to deliver UN climate deal

Political leaders have begun to arrive in Katowice for two weeks of talks to revive the Paris 2015 climate change deal amongst the anger and frustration that there has been a lack of action. This follows the US’ decision to leave the UN process and China was not even expected to send officials to attend the conference, despite being the largest polluter.
Source: Reuters
12:08 03.12.2018

Emerging markets: change in the air for responsible investment

Increased concerns about the environmental impact of rapid economic development is driving change in Asia. There is increasing pressure across all companies in China to reduce their environmental impact which mirrors the rise in ESG reporting and, furthermore, investors are applying pressure on boards to comply with ESG reporting. In China, policymakers have highlighted that with rapid economic development, the consequence has been high levels of pollution.
Source: Financial Times
13:20 01.12.2018

The hydrogen bombshell

Alongside China, Norway is another country which has helped grow the demand for electric vehicles however whilst having the desire to tackle global warning with the dependence on fossil fuels, our world is moving too slowly to decarbonise the energy system. There is also the problem of making hydrogen cleanly where most of it will have to come from electrolysis of water.
Source: The Economist