12:45 26.11.2018

Smog war casualty

The city, Jincheng is a prime example of a Chinese city which is trying to rein in pollution without being detrimental on the economy. Across the north of China, the country is constantly trying to strike a balance between the environmental damage and breakneck growth, by keeping the heavy industrial economies afloat. Still dominated by coal, this city was the worst performer among 28 cities in the north of the country.
Source: Reuters
13:34 24.11.2018

The world needs to quit coal. So why is it so hard?

China consumers half the world’s coal however because of the pressure to reduce air pollution, China is also a leader in solar and wind power installation in order to try and slow down the coal output. Research has found that new plants do continue to be built and other projects have been delayed, not stopped. Coal consumption in China grew in 2017, and will again in 2018.
Source: The New York Times
12:42 23.11.2018

Chinese capital issues first smog alert of winter

Beijing issued its first air pollution for the winter ahead of a wave of smog that is expected to blanket the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region as it enters into a yellow level alert. Over the period, construction sites and heavy industry will have to halt operations during these months while the city increases checks on diesel vehicles to ensure they meet emissions standards. At least 28 other cities have also issued orange-level smog alerts.
Source: Reuters
12:37 23.11.2018

China names and shames steel mill in Shanxi for dumping waste

A steel firm in the Shanxi province has been accused of misrepresenting pollution data and dumping large volumes of waste which has been named and shamed by the Environment Ministry. Many members of the public complained on the excess smoke emissions and the Company, Gaoyi Steel did not respond to repeated requests for a comment.
Source: Reuters
12:30 23.11.2018

China steps up prosecutions for pollution offences

In the first 10 months of the year, China has prosecuted more than 3,500 people for pollution related crimes which is up nearly 40% on a year ago. Beijing has encouraged courts and polite departments to establish dedicated environmental divisions to help fight the climate change problem.
Source: Reuters
Will Vietnam follow China down the pollution path?
05:30 21.11.2018

Will Vietnam follow China down the pollution path?

The news that China is bracing for smog waves as the winter heating season begins has once again put the dangerous levels of air pollution in Asia in the spotlight. With the air in Beijing and adjacent areas expected to become heavily polluted over the next week, China will be facing concern – yet again – over its underwhelming response to the problem.
12:22 20.11.2018

Report: Air Pollution Is Deadlier Than Smoking Or War

A University of Chicago study found that across the globe, the average person is losing 1.8 years of life expectancy due to particulate pollution exceeding the WHO's guideline and that's worse than first-hand cigarette smoke, alcohol, HIV/AIDs and conflict. China and Indonesia are badly affected by particulate pollution with their life expectancy cut by seven years and five and a half years respectively.
Source: Forbes
13:43 19.11.2018

China will expand its ban on waste imports a year after its first curbs caused an international ‘plastic crisis’

China will ban the import of 32 types of waste to reduce environmental pollution in line with a new focus on protecting the environment. This regulatory action will go into effect from December 31st according to official news agency Xinhua which cited four Chinese government agencies. Such newly banned product types include hardware, ships, auto parts and stainless steel waste.
Source: Daily Mail