14:46 12.05.2019

Don’t bend the rules for steel industry

What is more of a priority; recovering China’s economy or environmental protection? This is the question on everyone’s lips. Whilst there has been progress in environment standards increasing over the past few years, there are still problems including untrustworthy data from local governments struggling to achieve sustainable growth.
Source: South China Morning Post
00:37 09.05.2019

China’s clean tech boom may disrupt status quo

Following protests all over London by climate activists Extinction Rebellion, Boris Johnson has commented that they would do better to protest in China where pollution levels have been rising “vertiginously”. The FT writes that the real truth is that whilst China is one of the worst polluters, it is also the country putting the most resource into finding alternative clean technologies.
Source: Financial Times
15:52 06.05.2019

Scientists warn a million species at risk of extinction

A report, known as the Global Assessment chaired by Robert Watson and conducted by scientist found that 1 million animal and plant species are at imminent risk of extinction as a result of mankind’s pursuit of economic growth. An appeal has been made to government and businesses worldwide to confront “vested interests”. The report groups 130 countries, including China. The report found that climate change caused by burning coal, oil and gas produced from fossil fuels is exacerbating the losses.
Source: Reuters
14:34 06.05.2019

China targets steel industry as latest front in its war on pollution

Steel plants are now the biggest source of harmful emissions, particularly after strict curbs on coal plants came into force; China has not shifted its focus in the battle for clean air to the steel industry. This follows the Ministry of Ecology and Environment together with four ministries who released a joint directive to ensure steel mills in the country’s most polluted regions meet ‘ultra-low’ emission standards within the next six years.
Source: South China Morning Post
15:56 01.05.2019

China seeks loophole as U.N. nears pact banning toxic chemical: activists

More than 180 countries are nearing agreement on a global ban on a toxic chemical linked to cancer, however China are pushing for an exemption, arguing the chemical has a use in firefighting foams. The fluorinated firefighting foam is a leading cause of water contamination associated with various health issues including foetal development. A spokesperson from China told Reuters ‘we have some flexibility’.
Source: Reuters