13:30 19.11.2018

China's coal project in Serbia raises climate change worries

Life is not getting better for the residents living lost to the Kostolac power plant complex in Eastern Serbia as thick smoke billows from Serbia’s main coal-fired power station. Academics in climate change say China is tackling pollution at home by implementing renewable energy projects and reducing the use of coal, the most impactful fossil fuel.
Source: Daily Mail
13:29 19.11.2018

Air pollution is shaving YEARS off people’s lives

Global life expectancies are 1.8 years shorter than they should be due to pollution, a new report has found. A new study from the Energy Policy Institute at the University of the University of Chicago further prove how the effects of pollution are most devastating in the most crowded cities in the most populous countries, India and China.
Source: Daily Mail
12:20 17.11.2018

How An App Is Stopping Pollution In China

Environmental activist Ma Jun has helped to change behaviours in China with an app that shares real-time pollution data emitted by Chinese factories and other sources on Weibo. China appears to be on the verge of launching a carbon market that will link the cost of carbon pollution to the price of products and activities that cause that pollution.
Source: Forbes
13:43 14.11.2018

Get your mask ready!

Pollution readings of PM 2.5 soared to 311 at midday on 14th November according to data released by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment which is 12 times higher than the average ‘healthy’ exposure in a 24-hour period (according to the WHO). Pictures showing Beijing’s iconic skyline and CBD are hardly visible through the haze during the annual ‘smog season’.
Source: The Daily Mail
13:33 14.11.2018

Is that a floating building? Bizarre Chinese boat shaped like block of flats becomes an internet sensation

Making headlines on social media, there is odd footage showing a five-storey apartment building cruising down the Yangtze River in China. It was found that the eatery had to be relocated by local authorities because it was causing too much pollution to the river, according to Chinese media. Such floating restaurants have recently been banned in Jiangjin district over pollution concerns, according to Chongqing maritime authorities.
Source: Daily Mail
13:29 14.11.2018

Beijing's Air Quality Is Worse Than Smoke-Filled California Cities

Beijing’s air quality was the worst it had been in a year and a half. Although high these are also significantly below the levels reached in 2010. Many inhabitants of the city posted images of the city saying ‘where have all the buildings gone?’. Some areas of Hebei Province and Beijing experienced visibility of less than 50 meters.
Source: Bloomberg
12:07 14.11.2018

Northern China’s clean air targets get lost in the smog of the trade war

Heavy pollution descended on Beijing with the National Meteorological Centre putting the worsening conditions down to a combination of the start of the heating season and a lack of wind to disperse pollutants. Central government has launched a series of reviews into the way local officials rectify violations, focusing on what they describe as “fraudulent”, “superficial” or “perfunctory” efforts to meet pollution standards.
Source: South China Morning Post
13:26 09.11.2018

Dyson Is Working on an Air Purifier That's Also Headphones

Dyson is said to be designing an air purifier that doubles as a pair of headphones. It will be targeted at those living in the polluted cities of Asia. Dyson have submitted a patent this year. Air purifiers are already big business in Asia. This comes as President Xi Jingping declared pollution one of the government’s three most pressing issues.
Source: Bloomberg
12:50 08.11.2018

Air pollution skyrockets to hazardous levels in India

Article focuses on pollution in India as air pollution soared to 20 times safe levels during the Hindu festival of Diwali, despite the banning of non-green fireworks by India’s supreme court. The article compares Indian pollution levels to that of China, and decides that although India rivals China as the greatest polluter, emissions from both countries have reached dangerous levels.
Source: The Washington Post